Full Scale Tree & Shrub Services

The trees and shrubs on your Michigan property are more than just ornamental accents. Yes – healthy, vibrant trees and shrubs can beautify your home or business’ yard. However, beyond aesthetics, these decorative landscapes are an investment, requiring proper care and maintenance to keep them thriving all year long.

As a leading Michigan landscape professional, Back To Nature recognizes that your large plantings have different needs and potential vulnerabilities than your lawn. We offer a comprehensive Tree & Shrub Care program developed specifically to promote healthy growth and protect your landscapes from a multitude of threats, such as:

  • Disease
  • Pests
  • Heat & Drought Stress

Horticultural Oil

Horticultural oil service

Applied in early spring, our horticultural oil applications deter bugs from boring into your trees and shrubs, as well as stop over wintering insect eggs from hatching. Back to Nature’s innovative blend of horticultural oil includes a fungicide to specifically protect spruce trees from needle cast, crab apple and other ornamental trees from apple scab.

Deep Root Fertilization

Two treatments annually, in spring and late fall. These two treatments provide trees and shrubs with the proper balance of nutrients needed to sustain health and proper growth. Deep root fertilizing is a process where a spike is inserted into the root system and fertilizer is injected into the soil. This process ensures a greater spread of nutrients spread throughout the root system and all landscape material.

Insect & Disease Control

At Back To Nature, we know firsthand that insects and disease can quickly wreak havoc on even the hardiest trees and shrubs. We’ll carefully evaluate your plantings to create a treatment schedule (up to 3 applications per growing season) that targets pests and sickness as well as helps prevent future infestations and outbreaks.

Dormant Oil

Back To Nature applies dormant oil in the late fall to get your property ready for the colder seasonal months. This treatment fortifies your plantings for the long, harsh Michigan weather, stopping wintering pests from boring into limbs and preventing new egg production.

Wedgle Injections

Our Wedgle Direct injections are a fast, effective, tree friendly way to treat trees for a broad range of destructive pests, harmful diseases and nutrient deficiencies. Benefits include:

  • Bark injection eliminates the need to drill
  • Localized product placement easily absorbed
  • Natural absorption protects the plant from fungi and bore infestation
  • Allows multiple application without tree or plant damage.

Take a Preventive Approach

Tree & Shrub Care

Don’t wait for insects and disease to take over your landscape. Back to Nature’s Tree & Shrub services are designed to protect against existing issues as well as prevent future outbreaks that may arise.

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