Lawn Aeration & OverSeeding

Back to Nature’s Lawn Aeration services alleviate soil compaction by redistributing air, nutrients, and moisture within the soil and root system. Overseeding is an ideal compliment to our core lawn aeration service.
After liquid lawn aeration

Bio Liquid Aeration

At Back to Nature, we recognize that every yard has its own distinctive care needs. That’s why, in addition to our core aeration services, we offer liquid aeration treatments. Liquid Aeration contains a highly effective soil penetrant that breaks apart compacted dirt and clay particles, creating “space” in the soil that accelerates distribution of vital nutrients, water, and oxygen to the root systems. Back to Nature’s liquid aeration strategies:

  • Promote beneficial microbes
  • Trigger root growth
  • Balance soil composition
  • Introduce vital humus-building microbes to turf

When completed annually, Liquid Aeration relieves compaction, introduces essential trace elements, generates rich living soil: perfect for planting and growing.

Core Aeration

Heavy, foot, paw and tire traffic can quickly take a toll on any lawn, resulting in heavy turf compaction and thatch buildup. Eventually, the condensed soil can impede root growth, preventing the grass from developing the deep root system needed to thrive in extreme weather conditions and drought periods.

Some telltale indicators of compacted grounds include:

  • Stretches of clay soil
  • Dead grass-Soft/spongy lawn spots
  • Stunted plant growth
  • Shallow vegetation rooting
  • Water run-off

Back to Natures seasonal core aeration services can help you maintain a robust, vibrant, healthy lawn. Our core aeration process offers several essential benefits, such as:

  • Minimized thatch accumulation
  • Reduced soil compaction
  • Thicker, greener, and more lush lawn

Our core lawn aeration process removes soil plugs, depositing them on the turf and allowing them to organically decompose for enhanced physical structure and better overall growing medium. Core aerations can be completed in either the spring, or fall, however, we do recommend a fall aeration for optimal results.

Liquid Lawn Aeration Vs. Core Aeration
benefits of overseeding lawn


Love your healthy and strong lawn, but wish it were a bit thicker? Back To Nature’s overseeding services can help. We use premium-quality seed products to revitalize the texture of your grass for thick, ballpark-quality turf you’ll love showing off to friends and neighbors.

Lawn Renovation

At Back to Nature, we know that sometimes, standard overseeding isn’t enough to restore your property after it’s suffered long-term impairment. Over time, insects, harsh weather, and/or disease can cause permanent damage that prohibits new, healthy growth. We offer renovation services that include:
  • Double-pass aeration
  • Overseeding
  • Slit seeding
Back to Nature’s Lawn Renovation program can restore, repair, and revitalize your property.
Lawn renovation

Proudly serving the following communities and many more

Livonia, Michigan

Back to Nature has the experience and knowledge to understand Michigan lawns. Our highly trained and knowledgeable technicians use only high premium products and state-of-the-art equipment in every treatment we provide.

Saline, Michigan

Saline, Michigan, celebrates its natural green spaces and designated parklands. This Washtenaw County city maintains 12 local parks and community spaces totaling over 190 acres.

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Southeast Michigan locals know that our beautiful state prioritizes its parks and green spaces.

Taylor, Michigan

The thriving Southeast Michigan community of Taylor is dedicated to preserving and maintaining its natural green spaces, enriching the lives of locals and guests alike.

Brownstown, Michigan

Brownstown is a thriving Southeast Michigan township that appreciates its many green spaces. As part of the state’s renowned Downriver region, Brownstown continues the Southeast Michigan commitment to promoting an outdoor lifestyle

Canton, Michigan

When it comes to enjoying recreational activities outdoors, Canton Township knows how to provide for its residents. The township offers a variety of parks for families to enjoy the outdoors, host picnics, and let loose and relax.

ExperiGreen Lawn Aeration Service Offers:

Liquid aeration is a relatively new process that can supplement or even replace what is known as “Mechanical Core Aeration”.  While the benefits of core aeration are widely known, liquid aeration is a process using a mix of specially designed products that offer the same results without the mess of soil cores left on your lawn or potential damage to electric dog fences or irrigation heads. It also is easier to perform, less costly to you as a consumer and fits especially well on lawns with limited access due to fences or elevation changes.

Imagine getting your hilly or steep lawn aerated now when you or your lawn service company couldn’t safely use their machine! Our liquid aeration service loosens the soil and allows for improved air movement, water infiltration, and better utilization of the fertilizer and other products used by ExperiGreen.

Liquid Aeration is Less Expensive

Traditional, mechanical core aeration service costs between $250 – $300 on average.  For larger lawns, you could expect to pay $300 or more.  Liquid aeration does not require a special machine or operators, so the cost is less.  You can expect to pay $175 – $200 for a professional liquid aeration service for an average size lawn.

Liquid Aeration is Quicker and Easier to Perform

Our Service Representatives can apply the Liquid Aeration products using their standard application equipment; no need for a specialized, heavy machine.  Since ExperiGreen can perform the service easier, more efficiently and at less cost, we can pass the savings on to you in the form of a lower cost service!

Liquid Aeration Covers More of Your Lawn

When a liquid aeration application is made, it covers 100% of your lawn area.  With mechanical core aeration, the machine pulls cores or plugs only every few inches or so.  So, an average 6 or 7,000 sq ft lawn may only have cores or plugs pulled on about ½ the lawn area.  You can pay for a double pass core aeration or multiple pass aeration, but the cost only goes up!  Liquid aeration covers more of your lawn at a lower cost.

No Soil Cores or Plugs are Left on Your Lawn

One of the biggest complaints we hear from our customers is about the soil plugs left behind after the service is completed.  Your lawn can look pretty beat up for a time after a mechanical core aeration has been performed.  The soil plugs do disintegrate over a few weeks and there is benefit to bringing the soil to the surface, but it can be a mess.  Liquid Aeration offers most of the benefits of aeration, without the downsides and complaints we hear about.

Liquid Aeration Penetrates Deeper than Mechanical Core Aeration

Mechanical core aeration generally penetrates down into the soil to a depth of 2-4 inches.  On the other hand, thanks to gravity, Liquid Aeration can penetrate much deeper.  The benefits of this are many; the soil is broken up or fractured much deeper, allowing grass roots to grow more readily and expand faster.  This makes for a healthier grass plant and dramatically improves the performance of our fertilizers and other applications.  A “looser” aerated soil has better water drainage and percolation which helps reduce standing water, reduces the amount of water you need in the hot, dry summer months and allows water to penetrate deeper, down to the roots where it is needed!

Sure Signs Your Lawn Needs Aeration!

The Grass Feels “Spongy” When Walking on It

This indicates excessive thatch build up.  Layers of dead roots, grass clippings, leaves and other organic debris builds up under your grass plants on top of the roots.  This thatch layer can give your turf a “spongy” feeling when you walk on it.  This excessive thatch prevents air, water and nutrients from being effective and can also harbor lawn damaging insects.  Liquid aeration helps minimize and mitigate thatch build up.

Compacted Soil

Foot traffic, construction, heavy equipment and thatch build up can cause the soil get hard and compacted. This also hinders air movement and water infiltration/percolation down into the root zone.  Compaction also prevents roots from growing freely and expanding.

Water Pools on the Surface

Soil compaction and thatch build-up tend to prevent water from being absorbed into the soil and can cause runoff. This can cause loss of needed nutrients.  If there is standing water after a rainfall or after you water your lawn, this is another sign you need to aerate your lawn.

Do I Need To Aerate My Lawn?

For northern lawns, grass types are classified as “cool season” grasses.  These include Bluegrass, Ryegrass, and Turf Type Fescue lawns.  You can aerate these grasses anytime during active turf growth (late spring, through late fall), although it is recommended that mechanical core aeration is best done during the fall.  This timeframe helps the grass plants recover from the stress of the hot and dry summer and takes advantage of cooler temperatures and fall rains so root growth and expansion are maximized.  Another benefit of Liquid Aeration is that it can be performed with good results at any time of the growing season

For southern lawns, grass types are classified as “warm-season” grasses.  These grass types include Bermudagrass, Zoysia grass, Centipede grass, and St. Augustine grass.  Warm-season grasses go dormant and turn brown or tan in the late fall through the cooler winter season.  Once temperatures rise and daylight increases in the spring, warm-season grasses start to come out of dormancy, and growth starts again.  Mechanical core aeration is best performed on warm-season grasses once they are actively growing and fully out of dormancy.  Mechanical core aeration or liquid aeration is highly beneficial for warm-season grasses when they are actively growing.

Why Your Neighbors Love Back To Nature

At Back To Nature, we know that when it comes to selecting the right lawn & tree care professionals for your property, you have many providers to choose from. Our licensed and certified team of landscape specialists work hard to ensure that Back To Nature is your only choice.

“Back to Nature is a great service! Staff is friendly, professional, and timely. Fair pricing (comparable to purchasing a full fertilizer system at the store). And my lawn looks better than ever.”

– Alli Littlejohn

“We’ve been with Back to Nature for several years. Shout out to Jenn for going above and beyond last month, by providing a great email regarding a fungicide we had, including example photos of the issue. She also explained how it would be eradicated and when to expect results! Now that’s great customer service!”

– Pauline Williams

“Our Lawn has really improved with the regular care of the Back to Nature Team. Their system for notifying of service calls is very good, I always know when they are coming.”

– Cy Murray

Frequently Asked Questions

Spring planting is always followed by Summer stress, which ultimately thins the new stand and often necessitates Fall re-seeding. The benefits of Fall seeding include:

  • Less mowing
  • Less activity on the lawn
  • Cooler temperatures
  • Better root growth


We offer Core Aerations during the Spring and Fall. Aeration is the removal of soil plugs from the lawn, creating a direct passageway for water, oxygen, and fertilizer to reach the root system. This will help the roots to grow longer, which ultimately results in healthier grass.

This option is optimal to help reduce thatch build up. This is a liquid application that will create air pockets down in the root system and assist with soil decompaction and root growth. This is the best option for customer with irrigation systems, underground dog fencing and internet lines.

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