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Core Aeration

To maintain a healthy lawn through periods of stress, the soil needs water, air and nutrients in the top 6 to 10 inches.  Soils that are hard and compacted, have no "nooks and crannies" to hold the water, air or nutrients.  Without these crucial components, root growth is impeded, which prevents the grass from developing the deep root system that is essential to survive in hot and dry or harsh and cold periods.

Core aeration is the process of mechanically removing plugs of thatch and soil from the lawn. Aeration helps to alleviate compacted soils and greatly reduces the number of attacks by insects and diseases. Aeration also helps nutriets and water to reach the root zone where it is more readily available to be taken up by the turf plant. Aeration restores the vital "nooks and crannies" to the soil.

Core aeration can be used to minimize thatch accumulation, to modify its physical characteristics, and to reduce soil compaction.  Soil plugs are deposited on the turf surface and break down and redistribute soil throughout the thatch layer.  The soil from the plugs helps to modify the physical structure of the thatch, making it a better growing medium.

Liquid Aeration

Aerify PLUS contains a soil penetrant that breaks apart tightly bonded soil particles and clay.  This creates "space" in the soil, allowing roots, water and oxygen to permeate.  Once you get oxygen into a compacted or clay soil, beneficial, humus-building microbes will be able to survive.  These microbes are needed to turn old roots and organic matter into all-important humus.  But they can't survive without air in the soil!

Aerify PLUS also contains liquefied organic matter in the form of Kelp and Humic Acids.  These help generate and feed the beneficial microbes that are so vital to have.  They also provide numerous trace elements and root stimulants to help trigger root growth.  Once you have humus, you'll have much better soil quality and structure.  Aerify PLUS relieves compaction, helps create humus, and brings about the aerated, living soil that all gardeners love to have.  


If bare patches in your lawn do not fill in quickly, weeds may invade these open spaces.  Overseeding the lawn regularly will ensure that the grass stand remains dense.  Early fall is the best time to overseed your lawn.  Overseeding is most effective when coupled with our Core Aeration service.

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