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Lawn Pests

Each year, lawn pests and insects renew their attack on Michigan lawns.  Our yearly Insecticide treatment can combat many of the pests that can wreck havock on your lawn.  Many of the common culprits in our FAQ may already be working on your lawn.

Insecticide Treatment

Our technicians apply a single treatment typically in early to mid-summer for surface feeding insects. This treatment targets such pests as Sod Webworm, Chinch Bugs, Billbugs, Army Worms, and other turf feeding insects that may be feeding on turf at time of application.

Grub Control

Grub control can be accomplished using our two-step insecticide grub program. This involves a spring insecticide to control adults, followed by a mid-summer insecticide to control the new hatchling grubs that may be present. The second treatment should give the necessary control for the rest of the season.  For more information about diagnosing Grubs, see our FAQ.

Perimeter Pest Control

Our Perimeter Pest Control program is set up into 5 applications per season. We usually start in April/May depending on the weather. Once we start the program, we will be out once a month for 5 months. The Perimeter Pest control is sprayed on the outside perimeter of your home 4' to 6' up and 4' to 6' out.  Perimeter Pest Control will help get rid of ants, bees, spiders, ladybugs, box elder bugs, etc.  By signing up for this program, it will help to keep the pesky bugs from entering your home.  

Mosquito, Flea & Tick

Having problems with mosquito's sucking the life out of your party? Or the Fleas & Ticks causing discomfort for you and your pets? Back to Nature has created a program just for you. This service can be done as many times as you would like. This great for weddings, graduation parties or just to have peace of mind that your kids can play safely in the back yard.

Mole Control Program

We have found a cure! Our Mole Control Program will help stop those unsightly dirt mounds from poping up in your lawn. One price pays for the entire season.  For pricing and more information, please call our office.

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